• It was a life-changing workshop...my creative process has changed completely

    Matt — 2014 participant

  • I’m passionate about empowering these kids to go out into the world and not just get exploited

    Fred Deakin — Collabology leader

  • This is the best career experience I’ve had so far... I’d really recommend it

    Amy — 2014 participant

  • Fred’s passion and energy in wanting to support students and take risks with them is something students really respond to

    Rebecca Wright — Programme Director,UAL

  • This is a real taste of what it’s like to work with peers on client projects

    Liam Fay-Fright — Former Communication Director, Mother


Collabology is an experimental education initiative setting out to ready the next generation of creative graduates for the real world. We want to tool up emerging talent to take on the world (and avoid those pesky unpaid internships) and turbo-charge the creative process of future trailblazers and change-makers.

As a bridge between academia and industry, Collabology runs intensive, collaborative workshops that introduce hand-selected students to the fast-paced and cross-disciplinary environment of modern professional practice. Led by creative veteran Prof. Fred Deakin, Chair of Interactive Digital Arts at University of Arts London, lucky participants will be immersed in a spectrum of essential creative and team working strategies—putting new thinking and behaviours into action immediately on self-initiatied projects with input from our panel of leading industry experts.


Higher education establishments are coming under increasing pressure to adapt their curriculum in order to ready graduates for evolving industries and an increasingly volatile job market.

Professor for Interactive Digital Arts at University of Arts London, Fred Deakin — previously of Airside studio and band Lemon Jelly — believes confident collaboration skills are key to students making the transition from academia to contemporary professional life; be that to a fast-paced organisation or something more entrepreneurial.


Following a successful pilot in 2014 — a two week ‘creative incubator’ in partnership with London-based advertising agency Mother forming a
‘pop up design studio’ with 20 UAL students — we’re launching the next iteration of the initiative under new brand ‘Collabology’.

The inaugural Collabology workshop will take place at Somerset House, London in partnership with makerspace Makerversity 13th-24th April 2015. Deakin will lead 20 selected UAL students through an intensive two-week programme designed to help participants better understand their skills and passions, grow their creative confidence and collaborate under pressure. In an ambitious educational experiment, two satellite groups of students — 20 in Manchester and 20 in Falmouth — will participate virtually in the entire process. Working in disparate locations and linking to the London Hub, these students will make use of cutting edge collaborative digital tools that are shaping the contemporary workplace.

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